Illumine IT Consulting Products

Most of Illumine IT Consulting Products are S/E tools that were originally developed for our needs. Since those tools were proven valuable for us, we now offer them to you as license free software

ILLUMINE IT Consulting Products

SCRIPTUM is a Web based Open-Source application that will be used in order to eliminate bureaucracy and document loss, providing your Organization a reliable DMS solution with an extensible and integrated environment for document publishing, categorization and administration. The overall application involves two basic sub systems:

  • e-Protocol: for handling incoming/outgoing mail messages and their attachments. Using this system, the e-Protocol users can benefit from the advanced OpenKm or Alfresco Document Management System (DMS) capabilities in order to manipulate the incoming/outgoing messages. This subsystem provides an easy way to complete forms relevant to the incoming/outgoing mail, form letters from templates and maintain a document repository equipped with document based security.
  • Case Management: this sub system provides a well established work flow for treating documentation relevant to your Organizations specific operations. Workflow based Assignment Operation provides a standard way for managing and directing specific actions to be taken from the employees with respect to your Organization´s hierarchy in order to complete their tasks.

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